From Cuba to Colombia |
We, Jelena and Frank, are travelling through Latin America searching for interesting and inspiring stories from young local people
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From Cuba to Colombia


Horacio is a young Mexican artist who has two big passions: drawing and travelling. He is always following his dreams and at the same time, he doesn’t believe in plans. Watch the documentary.

griselda_el salvador

Griselda, 23, stands in her little kiosk with her big belly clearly visible. “I’m 7 months pregnant with my first child.” Around a month ago, her boyfriend decided to leave for the United States. Read more.


We, Jelena and Frank, are travelling through 10 Latin American countries collecting stories about young local people and beautiful landscapes. Read more.


Want to stay up-to-date about our travel and project? Liking and following our Facebook page is the best way to do so. Here we post pretty much everything, from stories about young people to pictures of beautiful landscapes, as well as videos we make.


During our travel we portray young local people we meet on the streets, in their houses, at their work. On a daily basis, we post these portraits on our Instagram page. Next to that, we come across many beautiful landscapes of which we will post the best pictures on Instagram.


One country, one person, one story – in total we make six short documentaries about young people in Latin America. All the episodes will be published on Vimeo, as well as on the page videos on our website.