From Cuba to Colombia | Jelena & Frank
We, Jelena and Frank, are travelling through Latin America searching for interesting and inspiring stories from young local people
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Author:Jelena & Frank


Young, ambitious, and gay in Guatemala

“I’m a lot of things people don’t like around here: I’m not from here, I’m successful with my business, I’m gay.”   Andrés*, 28 years old, was born in a village in the province of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. He knew he was gay from a very early...


Mennonites in Little Belize

David is 24 years old and from Belize. That might raise some questions. Where exactly is Belize and why is David so white and blond? Belize is a small country in Central America bordering on Mexico, Guatemala, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only country...


Being indigenous in Mexico

Marce is 24 years old and from a little town called San Dionisio Ocotepec in Mexico. The town is around one hour driving from the regional capital Oaxaca and around 8 hours driving to the south-east from Mexico City. Marce and her family are Zapotec,...


Entrepreneurs on the rise in Cuba

Agustín is 32 years old and lives in Santa Clara, Cuba, a city around four hours driving from the capital Havana. He runs his own small phone, tablet, and computer repair service, although he actually studied veterinary medicine. He decided not to pursue a career...